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Send us the artwork file you want to be imprinted on your custom printed boxes.

Unlock Ultimate Potentials with

Custom Rigid Boxes & Inserts

Give your products a perfect fit by using customized inserts inside rigid boxes.

Pack Products in Luxurious Boxes & Premium Packaging

Rigid boxes, also referred to as custom gift boxes, are perfect for storing high-end or luxurious products.

If you want to build a custom packaging product that has a wow factor and the quality build you need, rigid boxes are a great option. 

These boxes come in various ranges of styles. At Dream Custom Boxes, we offer various customization options to cater to all your rigid packaging needs.

Luxurious Product Deserve Exceptional Packaging

Experiencing your product for the first time should be a memorable occasion for new customers. Enhance this moment with a personalized rigid box.

Often called “custom rigid setup boxes,” these classic designs are crafted from premium materials and finishes, amplifying your product’s visual appeal.

With complete customization options, these rigid boxes offer a luxurious unboxing experience and stand out elegantly on display shelves.


Endless Box Styles With Top Quality Printing

Modern luxury brands realize that their clients expect a heightened customer journey starting when they see your product. High-quality, alluring designs naturally attract customers in retail settings.

This is why we offer custom printed rigid boxes in various box styles that can cater to all your packaging needs. Custom printed rigid boxes offer a substantial and striking design that is sure to capture the interest of potential clients and convince them to make a purchase.

Below are the most popular box styles

Two Piece Box

Versatile packaging solution with a separate lid and base for easy access and customization options.

Magnetic Closure

Premium packaging featuring magnetic seals for an elegant and secure presentation.

Drawer Box

Sleek & functional packaging design with a sliding drawer mechanism, perfect for showcasing your products.

Collapsible Box

Sturdy yet foldable boxes, ideal for luxury products, offering durability and space-saving convenience.

Customization Options to Cater to All Your Needs

We offer various customization options so you can customize your rigid boxes just the way your brand requires.
They are mentioned below:

Custom Box Requires Custom Sizes:

The size of your rigid box depends on the product dimensions that you have shared with us. Please share your dimensions as mentioned below

  • Length (in mm, cm, or inches)
  • Width(in mm, cm, or inches)
  • Height ((in mm, cm, or inches)

Please ensure that the measurements you shared are accurately taken. To ensure your products fit perfectly, you may want to add some clearance to each side of your box. 

Select Raw Materials From Various Options

The thickness of rigid boxes varies according to their sizes between 800-1500 gsm. There is a minimum of 50% post-consumer content in these materials (recycled waste).

The thickness selection of rigid stock depends on what kind of product you want to store in them. The rigid boxes come in two variations: white and brown kraft.

White Rigid Stock is a Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paper that yields high-quality print, which means color tends to appear more vibrantly on this rigid stock.

On the other hand, brown kraft rigid stock is unbleached brown paper ideal for black or white printing, and it helps to show your commitment to sustainability and environmental sensitivity.

Add-ons & Finishing Options

We offer various add-ons and finishing options to add a more premium look.
The most famous finishing & add-on options for custom rigid packaging are as follows:


Spot UV
Hot Foil Stamping

Finishing Options

Soft Touch


How to make a Rigid Box

A rigid box is made by die-cutting a sturdy cardboard or chipboard to your desired dimensions. Cut pieces are then glued together to form the box. It is covered with decorative paper or fabric for a finished look.

Do you offer more cost-effective rigid box options?

Yes, we offer cost-effective options by using standard sizes, simple designs, and more economical materials while maintaining high quality.

Can I order a sample for Rigid Boxes?

Yes. It's possible to order a sample with your own artwork and dimensions for a competitive price.

Can you print it inside the boxes?

Absolutely, we can! We offer both inside and outside printing for your boxes. Just let our design support know, and they will further guide you with your artwork format and more.

Why are Custom Rigid Boxes expensive?

Custom rigid boxes are expensive due to high-quality materials, intensive manufacturing processes, and customization options such as unique designs, printing, and finishes.

Will you review my artwork before you print it?

Absolutely. Our design support will contact you in case any changes are required. If not, they will proceed with the printing process.

When will I receive my boxes?

Our Shipping Time is 6 - 7 business days. Please note it can be extended depending on the quantity of your boxes.

How do I determine the right size and style of custom rigid box for my product?

To determine the right size and style, calculate the dimensions of your product carefully with the help of a ruler or a measuring tape. Find the length, width, and height of your product. Also, consider its weight and fragility. Consult with our design team to choose a box style that provides fair protection and enhances your product presentation