CBD Boxes

Natural products and liquids, including CBD oil, lotion, and tinctures derived from cannabidiol, demand flawless packaging to prevent any leakage. We offer high-quality custom CBD boxes at wholesale prices for both small and large orders. Trust us to make your CBD products stand out and succeed. 

Flute Grades
Coating Options
Printing Methods
Color Options

Customize Your CBD Packaging for Maximum Impact

Our custom CBD packaging is designed for safely delivering CBD products to customers. We use high-quality materials to ensure the products inside are secure during shipping.

Custom Printed CBD Boxes provide important information like ingredients and usage instructions directly on the packaging. You can also have your brand name or logo printed on the boxes, making your brand stand out in the market.

This custom-printed CBD packaging helps new CBD brands get noticed by potential buyers, making it easier to establish a presence in the market.


Design Your Custom CBD Packaging with Us

Our design experts will help you Select colors and branding preferences that boost sales effortlessly. Our CBD boxes are perfect for packing, storing, promoting, and shipping CBD products worldwide.

Our custom-printed CBD boxes are designed to maintain product quality, ensuring everlasting success.

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Premium-grade bleached white paperboard with one-sided coating for high-quality color printing and finishes.


Premium-grade white art card coated on both sides for high-quality printing and finishing options.

Kraft Card Kraft Card

Brown Kraft Card is made of virgin and recycled pulp and coated on both sides for printing.

Textured Textured Card

Textured paper stock is primarily used to wrap rigid boxes and is of the highest grade.

Brown Brown flute

An uncoated and unbleached linerboard composed of recycled and virgin paper pulp.

White flute White flute

White linerboard with bleached white coating for high-quality printing and finishes.

E-flute E-flute

A flat surface with a thickness level of 1/16" allows high-quality printing options.

B-flute B-flute

A slightly thicker surface with a thickness level of 1/8" for die-cutting and high-quality printing.

Aqueous Aqueous

Water-based coating offers environmental friendliness and fast drying.

UV Coating UV Coating

Cured with ultraviolet light, provides instant drying, durable, and excellent chemical resistance.

Varnish Varnish

Clear, hard coating that enhances protection and adds a glossy or matte finish.

gloss Gloss

A highly reflective coating gives a shiny, polished appearance.

matte Matte

Diffused, non-reflective coating offering a subdued, elegant look.

soft Soft-touch

This creates a velvety, tactile feel, often used for a luxurious effect.

Foiling Foiling

Adds a shiny, metallic finish to specific areas of a design.


Creates a raised, textured effect on paper or cardstock.

Deboss Debossing

Creates a depressed, indented effect on paper or cardstock.

Spot UV Spot UV

Applies a glossy, clear coating to highlight specific areas of a design.

Blind UV Blind UV

Creates a subtle, textured UV effect without added gloss.

window patching PVC/Window Patching

Incorporates a clear plastic window into packaging or print materials.

Off-Set-Printing Offset Print

High-quality printing method utilizing plates and a rubber blanket to transfer designs onto paper; ideal for large-volume production.

Digital-Printing Digital Print

A plate-less digital printing method where designs are transferred electronically. Cost-effective for short runs and quick turnaround.

UV Print UV Print

Fast-drying printing method using ultraviolet light to cure inks, resulting in a durable, glossy finish on various substrates.

Screen-Printing Screen Print

A printing method where ink is pushed through a mesh stencil onto a substrate. Ideal for bold graphics and thick ink deposits on diverse materials.

cmyk CMYK

A standard four-color printing process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is used to create a wide color spectrum.

Pantone Pantone

A standardized color-matching system ensures accurate color reproduction across different printers and materials.

soy Soy Ink

Eco-friendly ink alternative made from soybeans, offering brighter colors and improved biodegradability.

UV Ink UV Ink

Instantly cured under UV light, it is ideal for printing on non-porous materials, with enhanced durability and vibrancy (can include metallic effects).


What Our Customers Say


Working with DCB was a breeze. They provided me with the best quality I was looking for. Also, their customer service was outstanding. I am definitely ordering from them for my future projects.

client profile picture Ray Xander

Dream Custom Boxes exceeded my expectations! Their team assisted me and kept me updated from start to end. The final product was absolutely stunning, and I couldn't be happier with the quality. Highly recommend!

client profile picture Jack Carver

Dream Custom Boxes made the whole process seamless. Their team was very helpful and generous, and the final result was beyond what I imagined. I'm super impressed and will be ordering again!

client profile picture Rosemary

Dream Custom Boxes truly brought my vision to life! The quality of their packaging is outstanding, and their attention to detail is unmatched. Working with them was a pleasure, and I'll definitely be back for more.

client profile picture Grant Phillip

I got great customer service from the DCB team. I am really excited to work with this company now and in the future.

client profile picture Crew Wilson

Amazing company! The designer is very creative and a master of his work. He gave my design idea a life. The price was affordable. I received my order within two days after getting my tracking number.

client profile picture Clara Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time changes based on the complexity of the order and the quantity. Mostly, we pursue fast processing that takes 8-10 working days.

Can I print my own artwork on these boxes?

Yes, we welcome our customers to print their own artwork on custom boxes. Our designer team is happy to assist you through the artwork submission process for optimal printing results.

How can I decrease my pricing per unit?

You can reduce the price per unit with larger order quantities. Also, choosing standard features and materials can help manage costs without compromising quality.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We offer no minimum order quantity policy. But please note that the prices may vary according to the number of boxes.

Can I order a sample?

Yes, we provide our customers the option to ask for a sample. It allows you to assess the quality and design before placing a larger order. Contact our customer service for sample order details.

Can you print it inside the boxes?

Absolutely, we can! We offer both inside and outside printing for your boxes. Just let our design support know, and they will further guide you with your artwork format and more.